Yoga & Sport

Are you mentally depressed, suffering from different types of ailments, or are unable to walk or sleep properly because of stiff limbs? While medications are a temporary alternative to help get rid of these problems, they never were and will never be a permanent solution. The problems remain suppressed as long as you continue taking medicines, only to resurface when you stop taking them. Yoga, an ancient Indian collection of exercises can help you to get rid of all these problems, and live a long and healthy life. You can improve your performance in other outdoor sports such as hockey, football, as well as cricket by practising yoga, as it helps keep your limbs supple.

What happens when it starts raining during a game of cricket?

Unexpected rainfall is quite common in the United Kingdom. While it does not affect games such as football, it is impossible to continue games like cricket in such conditions as the rainwater damages the pitch, making it unpredictable, and dangerous. On many occasions, batsmen have found variable bounce in rain affected cricket pitches, making it difficult to control their strokes, as they cannot predict the height at which the ball will rise after hitting the pitch. Apart from this, the ball tends to skid on wet pitches, making it impossible for the batsmen to play. The wet pitch affects bowlers too, as they risk injury if they skid on the pitch during the time of delivering the ball. In such circumstances, the only solution is to cover the pitch with cricket pitch covers. Made of waterproof material, they protect the pitch against damages caused by water, and keep it safe and dry. Once the weather is conducive for play, the ground staffs remove the cricket pitch covers, ensuring that water accumulated on it does not fall on the pitch so that play can resume.

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What is yoga?

Yoga is a body and mind practice that Indians have practised for more than 5,000 years. The different styles of yoga combine breathing techniques, physical postures, as well as relaxation and meditation. It has taken the world by storm in the past few decades with yoga schools opening up in all parts of the world. Popular for its poses and postures, yoga never targeted fitness as its primary goal in ancient India. On the contrary, practitioners of this art focused on other goals like expanding their spiritual energy using mental focus and breathing methods. Yoga is not a sport, as it does not involve physical activity, which includes a competitive component. On the one hand, a sport typically focuses on the body before the mind. On the other hand, yoga uses the power of the mind to control the body.

What outdoor sports are popular?

Some of the popular outdoor sports include cricket, football, rugby, lawn tennis, basketball, and volleyball.

Why is sport popular and what equipment is required to play it?

Sport is popular as it allows different individuals to compete against each other, beat the others, and win the medal. The type of equipment required varies from one sport to the other. For example, the equipment required for playing cricket comprises:

- A ball
- Two pairs of stumps (three each) having two bails on top of each pair
- A bat
- Gloves
- Pads, and
- Protective helmet